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False Claims Act – Qui Tam Whistleblower

AlixaRx LLC agrees to pay $2.75 million to resolve allegations that it improperly dispensed controlled substances at long-term care facilities under the False Claims Act.  Whistleblower award undisclosed.

University of Miami to Pay $22 Million to Settle Claims Involving Medically Unnecessary Laboratory Tests and Fraudulent Billing Practices Under False Claims Act.  Whistleblowers awards TBD. 

Neurosurgical Associates, LTD and Dignity Health, D/B/A St. Joseph’s Hospital, Paid $10 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations.  Whistleblower award undisclosed.

Incyte Corporation to Pay $12.6 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations for Paying Kickbacks.  Whistleblower receives approximately $3.59 million.

Neurosurgeon and Two Affiliated Companies Agree to Pay $4.4 Million to Settle Healthcare Fraud Allegations under False Claims Act.  Whistleblowers receive $880,000.

Miami-Based CareCloud Health, Inc. Agrees to Pay $3.8 Million to Resolve Allegations that it Paid Illegal Kickbacks under False Claims Act.  Whistleblower receives $803,269,97.

Comprehensive Pain Specialists And Former Owners Agree To Pay $4.1 Million To Settle Fraud Allegations.  Whistleblowers receive $610,684.62.

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Agrees to Pay $2.6 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations.  Whistleblower receives 15% of recovery.

Winston-Salem NC Pain Management Company to Pay $789,292.95 to Resolve Allegations of False Claims for Urine Drug Testing Under False Claims Act.  Whistelblower receives $118,911.12.

Tribeca Capital Group Provides Litigation Loans To Qui Tam Whistleblower Claimants

New York Construction Wage Whistleblower Gets Attorneys’ Fees Under False Claims Act

Cardiologist Dinesh Shah Pays $2 Million To Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Relating To Excessive Testing.  Whistleblower awards undisclosed.

SEC Whistleblower

SEC Awards $22 Million to Two Whistleblowers.  “The first whistleblower received an award of $18 million, while the second whistleblower received a $4 million award. The larger award was in recognition of the fact that, among other things, the first whistleblower was the initial source of the investigation while the second whistleblower submitted information much later after the investigation was already underway.”

SEC Awards More Than $3 Million to Whistleblowers in Two Enforcement Actions. “These whistleblowers provided new, important information that aided the SEC in learning about and understanding the violative conduct,” said Emily Pasquinelli, Acting Chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower.

SEC Whistleblower Program Shows Value of Speaking Up, Departing Chief Says

SEC Awards Over $50 Million to Joint Whistleblowers – “information alerted SEC staff to violations that involved highly complex transactions and would have been difficult to detect without their information.”

SEC Awards Approximately $2.5 Million to Whistleblower

SEC Awards Over $500,000 to Whistleblower Under “Safe Harbor” for Internal Reporting and Surpasses Record for Individual Awards

SEC Awards Approximately $1.5 Million to Whistleblower.  “The whistleblower alerted the SEC to previously unknown conduct and thereafter provided multiple submissions, identified potential witnesses, and met with staff on several occasions.” Jane Norberg, Chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower.
Order Determining Whistleblower Award Claims

SEC Issues Over $5 Million to Joint Whistleblowers Located Abroad – “alerted the staff to misconduct occurring abroad which could have been difficult to detect”

SEC Awards Over $500,000 to Two Whistleblowers, “tips revealed an ongoing fraud and resulted in multiple SEC actions and a related action from another government agency”

Whistleblower Awards:  SEC Crosses $750 million in awards since 2012

SEC Issues Whistleblower Awards Totaling Over $1.7 Million


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