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False Claims Act / Qui Tam Whistleblower

Senator Grassley’s Keynote Remarks at 2021 Federal Bar Association Qui Tam Conference re False Claims Act Successes, Enforcement and Improvements

Senior Care Company Agrees to Pay $714,996 to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations.  Whistleblower receives $143,000.

Health Management Whistleblower Wins Nearly $1 Million in Attorneys’ Fees Under Lodestar Analysis

Roche Diagnostics and Humana settle $12.5 million Medicare fraud lawsuit under False Claims Act.  Whistleblower receives 29% of the settlement, totaling $3.6 million.

Akumin Corporation To Pay U.S. Over $700,000 To Resolve Health Care Fraud Allegations Under False Claims Act.  Whistleblower award undisclosed.

Electronic Health Records Technology Vendor to Pay $18.25 Million to Resolve Kickback Allegations Under False Claims Act.  Whistleblowers’ awards TBD.

Estate Agrees To Pay More Than $1.7 Million To Settle False Claims Act Liability.  Whistleblower receives $385,000.

DOJ and Florida company settle allegations it imported roofing materials without required country of origin markings under False Claims Act.  Whistleblower receives 20% of $160,933 settlement. 

Justice Department Recovers Over $2.2 Billion from False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2020

Boeing owned drone maker to pay $25 million to settle False Claims Act allegations it used recycled parts on military projects.  Whistleblower receives $4,625,000.

SDNY Announces $40.5M Settlement With Durable Medical Equipment Provider Apria Healthcare For Fraudulent Billing Practices Under False Claims Act.  Whistleblower awards undisclosed.


SEC Whistleblower

Whistleblower Awards: SEC Crosses $750 million in awards since 2012

SEC Issues Whistleblower Awards Totaling Over $1.7 Million

SEC Awards More Than $9.2 Million to Whistleblower for Successful Related Actions, Including Agreement With DOJ

SEC Awards Almost $3 Million Total in Separate Whistleblower Awards – “$2.2 million for providing important, high-quality information” – “$700,000 to a whistleblower who alerted SEC staff to a fraudulent reporting scheme”

Whistleblower Lawyer Sues the SEC Over Bounty Program Rule Changes – “alleges that some of the SEC’s recent amendments—including one related to how the regulator determines award amounts—are unlawful and should be overturned”

Whistle-Blowing Soars to Record With Americans Working From Home

SEC Awards Nearly $600,000 to Whistleblower – “substantially contributed to an open investigation by providing detailed and highly valuable information resulting in critical investigative leads”

SEC Issues Over $1.1 Million to Multiple Whistleblowers

SEC Issues Multiple Whistleblower Awards Totaling Over $3.6 M

SEC Awards More Than $300,000 to Whistleblower with Audit Responsibilities

SEC Issues Five Whistleblower Awards Totaling Nearly $3M

Analyst Awarded $1.1 Million under SEC Whistleblower Program

SEC Whistleblower Program Sets New Records in 2020

SEC Awards Over $6M to Joint Whistleblowers – “substantial assistance, provided to the SEC …, included submitting documents, participating in interviews, and identifying key individuals”


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