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2020 SEC Whistleblower Awards

SEC Issues Multiple Whistleblower Awards Totaling Over $3.6 M

SEC Awards More Than $300,000 to Whistleblower with Audit Responsibilities

SEC Issues Five Whistleblower Awards Totaling Nearly $3M

Analyst Awarded $1.1 Million under SEC Whistleblower Program

SEC Whistleblower Program Sets New Records in 2020

SEC Awards Over $6M to Joint Whistleblowers – “substantial assistance, provided to the SEC …, included submitting documents, participating in interviews, and identifying key individuals”

SEC Awards Whistleblower Over $900,000 – “identified securities law violations occurring overseas”

SEC Awards Over $1.1M to Whistleblower for Independent Analysis “that revealed important new insights into the securities law violations”

SEC Awards More Than $3.6M and $750,000 in Separate Whistleblower Awards – “misconduct occurring abroad”

SEC Awards Over $28M to Whistleblower – “I hope our recent awards will continue to incentivize whistleblowers to come forward to report potential fraud or other wrongdoing.” Jane Norberg

SEC Awards Over $10M to Whistleblower – “the whistleblower provided key evidence, helped decipher communications, and distilled complex issues”

SEC Issues Record $114M Whistleblower Award. $52M in SEC case; $62M in related actions by another agency… “despite personal and professional hardships,..provided substantial, ongoing assistance”

SEC Awards $800,000 to Whistleblower – “award .. demonstrates the .. commitment to awarding individuals who provide high-quality independent analysis that leads to successful enforcement actions.”

SEC Awards Almost $30M to Two Insider Whistleblowers, $22M for one, $7M for the second. “whistleblowers helped the agency return tens of millions of dollars to harmed retail investors.” Jane Norberg

SEC Issues 2 Separate #Whistleblower Awards for High-Quality Information re Overseas Conduct for Total of Over $2.5M. “The tip revealed overseas conduct that would otherwise have been hard to detect”

SEC Approves Changes to Its Whistleblower Program

SEC Adds Clarity, Efficiency and Transparency to Its Successful Whistleblower Award Program

SEC Votes to Amend Whistleblower-Award Rules

SEC Sept 23 Open Meeting: “The Commission will consider…amendments to…its whistleblower program” re “its discretion in determining award amounts….”

“Tomorrow’s vote could devastate the integrity of the program, disqualify many whistleblowers, and open the door for fraudsters,” whistleblower attorney Stephen Kohn says of tomorrow’s SEC vote.

SEC Issues $2.4M #Whistleblower Award. Whistleblower “quickly came forward with critical information and helped investigative staff target key information and identify important witnesses,”

SEC Awards Almost $250,000 to Joint #Whistleblowers

SEC Cancels Vote on Controversial Whistleblower Program Reforms

SEC Awards > $2.5M to Joint Whistleblowers for Detailed Analysis That Led to Multiple Successful Actions. “commitment to awarding individuals who provide high quality independent analysis”

SEC Awards Over $1.25M to Whistleblower. “This whistleblower’s vigilance and prompt reporting helped the agency move quickly to protect

SEC Will Vote on Radical Changes to the WallStreet #Whistleblower Law on September 2nd

SEC Issues $3.8M Whistleblower Award -“whistleblower … provided significant information that helped the SEC disrupt an ongoing fraudulent scheme.”

SEC Awards $125,000 to Whistleblower – “The whistleblower’s tip helped stop a fraudulent scheme that preyed on a vulnerable investor community.” Jane Norberg

SEC Awards Almost $700,000 to #Whistleblower – “enforcement action that resulted in the return of money to harmed investors.”

SEC Awards Record Payout of Nearly $50M to #Whistleblower who “provided detailed, firsthand observations of misconduct by a company.”

SEC Awards Almost $2M to Whistleblower – SEC Awards Almost $2M to Whistleblower – “The whistleblower’s information and assistance helped the SEC stop an ongoing fraud in its tracks,”  Jane Norberg.

SEC Awards Over $18M to Whistleblower – “Because of this whistleblower’s actions, harmed investors were able to recover millions of dollars in losses,”  Jane Norberg.

SEC Issues $5M Whistleblower Award.  “The whistleblower provided critical evidence of wrongdoing.”

SEC Awards Over $27M to Whistleblower — “whistleblower provided critical investigative leads that advanced the investigation and saved significant Commission resources.”

SEC Awards Approximately $2M to Whistleblower.  “The whistleblower’s actions in this matter were extraordinary,” Jane Norberg, Chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower.

SEC Awards $450,000 to Whistleblower

SEC Awards Over $1.6M to Whistleblower

SEC Awards Over $570,000 to Two Whistleblowers ($478,000 and $94,000)

SEC Awards More Than $7M to Whistleblower

The SEC Whistleblower Program: Make Or Break Time

SEC Awards Two Whistleblowers in Two Separate Enforcement Actions $277,000 and $45,000, respectively

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